The White Ear Gene

Welcome this exciting new gene to the US!

There is not a whole lot we can share about this gene as most of the information is not in English. But we will share what we have learned. This gene was discovered/created in the UK. You can now find this gene in a few different breeds here in the states. Here at Blue Sapphire Lops, we plan on breeding this color variety towards the ARBA Standard. By working with the standard we can create a show quality rabbit. However, this color is not currently recognized in any of the US breed standards. This gene is dominate and cannot be carried, so they are WE or they aren't which makes it pretty easy to work with. We plan to work with chocolate, black and blue, however we do have some other colors while working on those goals. We now have a second generation of our very own line and will be offering rabbits for sale this year! 

Please make sure to read over our website, there is a wealth of information for you!

We are currently only Raising Holland Lops

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