These rabbits are not for sale 

The colors we work with here at Blue Sapphire

Here we raise the following colors in solid and broken patterns

  1. Blue Eyed White (Our main focus here)
  2. Vienna Marks in a few colors (they are important in our blue eyed white program, we do not use shaded and chocolate in our lines) 
  3. Chocolate 
  4. Black
  5. White Ears (a solid colored rabbit with solid white ears, face marking, chest, belly and legs are white)
  6. Otter in chocolate and Black
  7. Steel working with gold tipped
  8. Blue 
  9. Tort 
  10. Ruby Eyed White
  11. Orange 
  12. Chestnut - chocolate and black 

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We are currently only Raising Holland Lops

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