A Compilation of our most asked questions 

Are your available rabbit's fixed? 

Our rabbits here at Blue Sapphire Lops are not fixed.  That would be your choice to have  your new bunny fixed. Having one fixed can be costly and if you only are keeping one bunny, it may not be necessary.  However, having your female bunny fixed is more recommended as it can help lower the risk of her being territorial over the cage area.  Spaying and Neutering should be done around 5-6 months of age by your vet.

Do bucks or does make better pets?

In our opinion, bucks make much better pets. Does can be territorial in their cages which is why we do recommend having a doe spayed if you chose to have a doe as a pet. 

Do rabbits require shots?

No. Rabbits do not require any shots like other pets. Currently there are no vaccinations in the US approved for rabbits.  Unless you feel your rabbits behavior is off, no vet visits are required. Rabbits are considered Exotic pets, so make sure you seek out a veterinarian that sees rabbits and other small pets.

Will my bunny be lonely if I only have one?

No. You absolutely do not need to have more than one bunny. Rabbits are naturally loners only getting together to make more bunnies. Mom bunnies wean their babies early and set them off on their own in the wild.

Bunnies do just fine alone as long as all their needs are met.

But can I have more than one rabbit live together?

You can have multiple rabbits living together.  In these situations, we HIGHLY recommend having both rabbits fixed. It calms down hormones that lead to territorial fights.  However it is still very possible that even if both rabbits are fixed and have grown up together that you may need to separate them anyway. Be prepared to have to have two separate area's for each bunny in the event they start fighting.  Here, we do not sell different sex pairs, rabbits are sexually mature at 5-6 months of age and if you haven't had them fixed and they are living together, you have a very high chance of having an unplanned litter. 

Do baby bunnies need baby food?

No, do not waste your money on food advertised for young/baby rabbits.  The babies here start out eating the same pellet diet as their mom. These are a marketing scam to get more money. 

Are the bunnies friendly and cuddly

Generally, Yes. Our bunnies are handled daily to insure that they can be shown. A mean bunny will not be tolerated on the show table. Our adult show rabbits (the parents to these available pets) cannot bite the judges, they can be disqualified for that behavior.  But bunnies are individuals, and just like us,  they can have days when they aren't up for a lot of cuddles.  We picked this breed because in general, Holland Lops have wonderful personalities and are loving, sweet, curious bunnies!

Do you have more picture's?

We tend to pick the best photo that we managed to snap to post them on here to find them their new families. These guys don't often sit still and most of the photo's end up blurry. So, no, generally there is one, to two photo's to showcase the individual bunny. 

What food do you feed?

We feed kalmbach Best in Show 16% rabbit pellets. You do not have to feed this brand. There are many brands that will work just fine your your bunny that can be found at pet stores and local feed stores such as Tractor Supply. This brand is not a brand you can pick up at a pet shop, you can do a google search to see if you can find it at a feed store near you.  When choosing a pellet diet for your bunny, you want to pick a timothy based pellet without much fillers such as seeds and those colorful pieces. They are not healthy for your bunny.  For hay we recommend a quality timothy hay or timothy/orchard grass. To save money try and buy from a local farmer. 

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