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Please be sure to read over our Sales Agreement BEFORE contacting us about availability of our Holland Lops. Many of your questions can be answered there and on our FAQ page. 

Thank You!

4. We keep a relatively small herd. This is a hobby, not a business. We plan breedings for competitive showing, and do not meet demand. If you are interested in purchasing a rabbit from us, please keep the following in mind:

  • Email correspondence is how we operate.

  • We try to answer all emails within 24-48 hours.

  • Please be patient, like you, we have jobs and family who come first.

  •  Rabbits will only be sold under the conditions listed within our sales agreement.

  • For the safety of our home, family & animals our rabbitry is closed to the public.

Hello! We have been receiving an overwhelming amount of emails, here are some things that help us answer you quickly without much back and forth!

1. We DO NOT breed to produce high numbers of pets. We bred to SHOW and better the Holland Lop breed, specially in the Blue Eyed White variety. With that being said, Pets do happen. Our pets are NOT "Bad/Pet Quality", most are babies we adore but have to see off to new homes. But we don't always have Pets to sell. We currently do not keep a wait list because by the time we have rabbit's to see off to homes, people on the wait list have already purchased elsewhere. Only way to stop that would be to make you pay to save a spot to insure you'll purchase one or you would loose that money and we don't think that's a fair route. ALSO, we don't sell pets to be used to produce more pets! Pets are pets! Our pets are sold without a pedigree regardless of their type. 

2. DO introduce yourself! Are you looking for a pet? Do you breed? Do you show? Open or youth? Where are you located? We need to know if the sale will even be logistically possible based on your location. We rarely work with transport and we don't ship. We are located in La Plata Maryland.

3. PLEASE! Be Specific on what you’re looking for, Buck, doe, a Pet, jr, sr, proven, breeding stock, specific colors. If your breeding, do you know what traits your herd needs and what faults you need to avoid? Please do not just send me a message/Email asking “what’s available?” or  "When are your next litters?" These messages get ignored a lot. I should not have to ask you want you are looking for. You should have an idea.

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We are currently only Raising Holland Lops

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