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Before any money exchanges for a rabbit occurs, it is the buyer’s responsibility to be fully aware of this policy established by Blue Sapphire Lops. Each buyer will be required to complete an online questionnaire (on the contact page) before purchasing a rabbit. By inquiring about or purchasing a rabbit from Blue Sapphire Lops, you are agreeing to comply with this Sales Agreement. If a buyer has not made themselves aware of the terms and conditions involved in the exchange, Blue Sapphire Lops is not at fault.

Below is our sales agreement

Pet Policy

Pet's are $125.00 each, except White Ears (WE) they are $250 each. They will be at the VERY least 8 weeks of age before they leave the possession of Blue Sapphire Lops. If at any point in the life of the rabbit, the buyer is no longer able to keep him/her, we would like that the rabbit is sent back to Blue Sapphire Lops to find another home. Pet rabbits come with a birth certificate (ONLY if asked for prior to the day of pick up) & a bag of transition feed.  You may purchase an extra care kit that comes with more food, hay and organic apple chew sticks. Rabbits are sold as is. It is the responsibility of the buyer to check over the rabbit before completed purchase. We do not offer pedigrees with any pet rabbits regardless of quality. Pet rabbits are sold under the strict understanding that they will not be used for breeding under any circumstances. They are pets ONLY.


*We do not recommend 2 rabbits, however if you desire two, we will only sell same sex pairs. 


Blue Sapphire Lops are sold on a very limited, first come, first serve basis. All parties interested in purchasing a rabbit must be at least 18 years or older. Youth wanting rabbits must have their legal guardian complete the application and submit the payment. We accept cash & PayPal, but not checks or money orders. Rabbits are not permitted to be held without the form of a monetary deposit through PayPal. The deposit must be at least 50% of the rabbit's total value. Please understand that this deposit is completely non-refundable unless an agreement has been made between the buyer and Blue Sapphire Lops. The deposit hold's your chosen rabbit for a maximum of two weeks. After that time boarding fees maybe applied or your rabbit is placed back up for sale and you forfeit your deposit. Rabbits must always be paid in full before leaving the possession of Blue Sapphire Lops. The remaining 50% of the rabbit's total (after the deposit) is permitted to be paid via PayPal or cash at the time of pick up. Please keep in mind we reserve the right to refuse to sell any rabbit to any person for any reason at any time and we reserve the right to terminate any sale for any reason at any time. If Blue Sapphire Lops terminates a sale, we will refund your deposit.


*We do not hold rabbits for Holiday's (Christmas, Easter to be specific). Rabbit's are a possible 10 year commitment and should not be an impulse buy. If you truly want a rabbit, you can purchase before and or after the Holiday. 

Picking Up/Transports

Pick up of pets happen in La Plata MD. We do not deliver under any circumstances.  We meet in a public location for everyone's safety. Pick ups can also be at shows we are attending if that works better for you. Please bring a carrier with you to take home your new rabbit, we do not provide one.  We do allow some 3rd Party Transports, however, we reserve the right to cancel a sale, if we do not feel comfortable with your chosen transport. If you are using a transport company to pick up your rabbit(s) it MUST be arranged prior to holding any rabbit(s). NO exceptions. We will not hold for long periods of time while you locate transport. Extra fees will be applied in the event the transport requires a non-local meeting location (30 mins away or further). We do not ship our rabbits at this time.



Health Guarantee

We are not liable for the health of the rabbit once the rabbit leaves our rabbitry. Blue Sapphire Lops never knowingly sells a rabbit with a genetic or physical defect and/or sickness that will negatively impact the overall well-being of the animal. All rabbits are given regular health checks. It is up to you, the buyer, to check over your rabbit prior to release. Once a rabbit leaves Blue Sapphire Lops, he/she is your responsibility. We will not be held accountable for vet bills/replacements/refunds of any kind. No guarantees of health, breeding, show success or of personality and temperament after they leave our care.

For Fellow Breeders

Our objective is to carefully breed rabbits of high quality and color. All show/brood rabbits come with a pedigree unless stated otherwise. All animals are priced appropriately. Prices for Brood/Show start at $250 and our White Ear (WE) currently are $250 (Prices will increase on our WE as they improve in type). Offers less than the stated price will be rejected. We require Right of first refusal for any and all Holland lops sold. Meaning, when you are done with the rabbit and going to place him/her up for sale, it MUST be offered back first. Violation of this clause is grounds to refuse future sales. For obvious safety concerns and health of our rabbits we do NOT lend out rabbits for stud services. We also do NOT sell pairs of Blue Eyed Whites, we will sell pairs & trio's including Vienna carriers. We have the right to refuse sale if we do not feel your breeding practice's are not the right fit for our rabbits.

Estimated Price List for our Holland Lops

Prices are subject to change without notice

$125 - $250

Pet Only

Pets are super sweet Hollands who just didn't make the cut for our show and breeding program. That doesn't make them any less awesome.

$250 & up

Brood Quality

Brood rabbits have their place in a breeding program. While they may not be flashy (well some are!) They are definitey worth it!

$300 & up

Show Quality

These rabbits have either already proved they are show worthy or we see potential in them to be competitive animals on the show tables.

Available Holland Lops Ready to go

Below are our current available Holland's that are looking for homes.
Pets are at the top : Brood & show are at the bottom of this page.

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Available Show/Brood Holland Lops