Available Holland Lops

Sharing your home with an animal is one of life’s great joys, for you and for the animal. However, pet ownership is a big responsibility. Scroll through our pages to learn a little more about care! Look below to find out more about our available rabbits. Please visit the sales agreement page to learn how to reserve a Holland Lop before inquiring. You can find care, litter training & the sales agreement on the home page.

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Our current available Lops

Below are all the current available Holland Lops we have to offer at this time. 

website updated: 2/20/21

Blue White Ear (WE) Buck

Super cute! These are the very first of our WE to become available to the public! He is young but his ears will fall over time as he grows up. 

9 weeks old and ready to go! 

Price: $250

*NEW! You can now add this package with your new friend! 

This package comes with extra Feed (your new friend comes with one bag),

Timothy hay and Natural Apple Sticks! 

These items must be asked for prior to your scheduled pick-up date

Price: $10.00

Please make sure to read over our website, there is a wealth of information for you!

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We are currently only Raising Holland Lops

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